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Poems of Abnish Singh Chauhan

abnish-6 On Meeting
• Not a Rebeller
• Unanswered Prayers
• Cosmic Life
• A Magpie
• On the New Year
• Your Embrace
• My Silence
• A Blank Call
• Crooked Inside
• Who Cares For Whom!
• A Prayer to the Goddess
• Pain Comes and Goes
• Under the Scorching Sun!
• He Wants to Mount!
• Heed! Dear, Heed!
• A Paper
• Peace Comes ...

• Small Poems

• Vijantah


1. On Meeting

A spring bloom
always gives
hope and joy to me.


A hope—
to fly
like a butterfly.

A joy—
to smile
like a baby’s eyes.


turns gradually
in Autumn
making me
sad and blue.


Is it the cycle of Time
or some type of democracy
In this temporal world?


if comes,
never goes
in the world of psyche
where a bloom
opens ever
and closes never
on meeting the BLOOM.


2. Not a Rebeller

A time comes
when his heart and mind rebel
and chastise—
'This is enough.'


But, the force of feelings in him
subsides after a while
as if it is a periodic process
and nothing else.


Garrulously talking at mealtime,
daydreaming while meditating,
falling asleep with the television on
or sitting on internet for hours.


Gossiping in the canteen,
taking interest in rumors,
making rumors
or criticizing others.


Doing nothing properly,
getting annoyed too easily,
lying at sixes and sevens
and on being caught, saying— no, no.


On being fed up with all this,
his heart and mind rebel
and want some big change.


But, it seems to him
nothing is going to change in his life.
He is a slave to his habits,
not a rebeller— yes.

3. Unanswered Prayers

a few birds
in the sky,
a few animals
on the earth,
a few fish
in the river
and a few others uncounted too
with their hearts sad,
eyes wet
and breaths slow and bad.


even the sun,
the weather
losing patience steadily
and the sunflower
suffering with head rot.


silence everywhere
in the temple
in the church
in the mosque
in the Gurudwara
even in the hearts of millions
as diseases are rapidly growing
more than medications
and in between
the prayers are
unanswered till date.

4. Cosmic Life

A garden:
Fosterers of plants and trees.


Green plants and trees:
Givers of flowers and fruits.


Flowers and fruits:
Receptors of butterflies and bumble-bees.


Butterflies and bumble-bees:
Companions of twittering birds.


Twittering birds:
Singers of pleasant songs.


Pleasant songs:
Elixir of cosmic life.


5. A Magpie

Once I saw a magpie
flying low and near
so, I said, “Do not fly,
use your landing gear.”


O little, bright, cute bird!
please listen my plea
either say word for word
or tell A B C.


I know my garb is blurred,
yours is ever glee
for you my heart is stirred
come friend, play with me.


[Comment: I admire the flow, the language and the beautiful end rhymes. A wonderful write, uplifting and I'm touched at the glee this little bright bird could bring. Thank you for sharing this precious beauty in a nutshell.17 Jul by Sylvia Frances Chan]


6. On the New Year

Let us wish you
a very happy new year,
spoke the lurid signboards
hung on the roadsides.


The same words were heard
on the cell phones
on the channels
in T.V. shows
in the newspapers, magazines
woven into wonderful stories
of the old and the new
on the new year.


The historians, researchers, speakers,
even the poets
came out from their cells,
premeditated and declared
the changes and developments of the world,
but they were unanimously silent on
the mystery of life and death
in the full glory of new year.


Their findings could unfold the only truth that
the world is imbibed in the pole dance
trying to enjoy the days, and the nights as well
from the beginning of its creation.

And, it is happy, sometimes sad
in its short and small journey,
or long and strange journey-
a journey from January to December.

[Comment: 1. A beautiful new year wish, hope your year is full of blessings and peace27 Jan by Seema Chowdhury; 

2. Enjoyed this. The different meaning of "pole dance" was refreshing, and one I will remember. The world spins on its axis, and we pursue happiness and meaning in the time given us. Have a meaningful, productive, and peaceful new year. 29 Jan by Don Bouchard]

7. Your Embrace

You embrace me
the stored ego melts
like an iceberg.


8. My Silence

My keeping silence
He hears-
He claims so!
He, who never liked
to hear my words
during my life.

He'll hear
my silence
through my defeated heart
when he puts his ear
on my chest
to verify the fact
that I am dead.

[Comments: 1. oh, dont be so pessimistic9 Jan 2012 by Lalitha Iyer; 2. no, this is not your usual style, cheer up.22 Mar 2012 by Seema Chowdhury; 3. One should have courage to write this. Thanks for sharing.19 Feb 2013 by Tribhawan Kaul; 4. Oh! Such a sad song...everyone is entitled to write what is on their heart. Lovely! Dorothy Singing Still25 Jul 2013 by Dorothy A. Holmes]


9. A Blank Call

Many things were left
to be shared with her
since the first meeting
in a local train.


We traveled
in the same train
for years.


I can’t remember
how many times
we met
but I can recall
how many times
we departed.


One day
she left the train
then I knew
the meaning of a blank call.


10. Crooked Inside

Letters seem straight
Out of the mirror
But crooked inside
Making delusion
With their stage-show
Catching the innocent mind.


Water looks pure in image
In taste saline
For destroying life
Comes mercury up in the well
Place to place sits a crazy monkey
Holding a razor in his hand.


In a crematorium one can see
Rotting flesh and blood
How long could one breathe
So much one has to think
How many houses erupted
The roaring-cruel sea!


Swans get down their Rosary
Now worn by crows
From The Caretaker of the garden
So scared is the branch!
Visible red like blood
Shredded beet into pieces.

[Comments: 1. There seems to be quite an imagination of imagery over gushing out of the geyser of the imag-i-nation,here. Very original,for sure! Great poem here-Abnish.27 May 2010 by Michael J. Gale; A cynical, yet insightful look at life and its distortions of mind. Your poem is succinct and sharply drawn with some fascinating images that ignite the imagination of the reader. I like your water, pure in image but 'in taste saline' and '...crazy monkey holding a razor in his hand.' Strong poem indeed. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥28 May 2010 by Alison Cassidy; 4. absolutely brilliant poem.. really well penned.. i just more loved the last stanza.. regads prashant11 Dec 2010 by Prashant Shaurya; 5. crooked inside makes sense with life not like the label and your original poem shouts its stanza's...regards2 Feb 2011 by Ken e Hall; 6. You have your way and images to make your point. Your novelty impressed me.13 Sep 2011 by Chandra Prakash Sharma]

11. Who Cares For Whom!

Boatmen without boats
Meet me by the river
How long would I go with them!

The ever flowing river
River of misery
River of pain
Drowning many on the shore.


Their taunts I hear
For the work assigned
Wasting my body all day
Sixty rupees are my wages
To soothe the hunger of my kids
Sailing in different boats all of us
Beating our drums, as we go.


Borrowing increases day by day
Anyhow my life goes
Daily comes the banker
At my broken door
With his flaring tongue
Everyone worries for himself
Who cares for whom I know!


Food and water everywhere-
What spoke the needy man?
Can his hunger be soothed by seeing?
Yet, his eyes dream
Having hope
Of seeing delight
On the faces of the haves.


[Comments: 1. There be an on going Darwin's Theory for our genre of society...And i bristle with fear for our Sons & Daughters...especially our Son's who will more than likely witness the cold eye's of Death of War, before they (hopefully)get to experience the warm eye's of love and a family living in freedom.Excellent work...powerful and credible message well conveyed.FjR//5 May 2010 by Frank James Ryan, Jr. / FjR; 2. Thank you for the share. I don't think too many people realize just how brutal the world is. If only we could abolish money and work together for the good of all humanity.5 May 2010 by Robert Ross; 3. very interesting .17 Oct 2010 by Seema Chowdhury; 4. great poem , explains the bitter truth of life, sure for some life is that hard and difficult.23 Nov 2010 by Seema Chowdhury; 5. That he would one day "be " a "have" is the hope of his eyes. Thought provoking to all who have toiled. Money is freedom and lack of it chains. Some minds are free in bondage some hearts bound in I said ....thought provoking imagery.10 Mar 2012 by 2ndVoice]


12. A Prayer to the Goddess

Hark, Mother, hark
Trim and harp
Giving voice
To my ill-shaped lyre
O Goddess Saraswati!


Inside-out darkness prevails
Illusion camps on my mind
Fill me with light
Pave the way
O Goddess Saraswati!


Small desire I have
To sing a song of humanity
Live and die for some great cause
Give me such an insight, force
O Goddess Saraswati!


Help me to learn who I am
What is my aim in this world
How to practice Satyam Shivam Sundram.
Awake my sleeping conscience
O Goddess Saraswati!


[Comments: 1. i have been a devotee of learning and goddess Saraswati ! Laxmi , - though necessary for living , has never hypnotised me ! Thanks for sharing ! -Raj16 May 2010 by RAJ NANDY; 2. "Illusion camps on my mind" I like that. I will have to look up this Goddess and see what she is about.10 Mar 2012 by 2ndVoice]


13. Pain Comes and Goes

Pain comes and goes
With the breath I take
Or puff out
When it becomes stale
Cries my heart
Ever churns my nose.


People see me
As though I am happy
I have boundless joy
But the reality
They do not know
Or wish not so.


Wind awakes
Moves with force
Takes my tired breath
To some unknown place
Filling the spot
With ever-soaring pain.

Who cares
What is there and why?
They care but for themselves
Or their kids
Or those who are close
In blood or in wealth.


I stake myself
Where I always board
Where I always fight
Trying to come out
Sound and safe
With some scratches on my back.

[Comments: 1. well written...15 Aug 2010 by Jochebed Dela Cruz; 2. Take Heart My Friend ! You are for sure Alone in the Crowd or in your home .But never alone from GOD or the real true Friends on Poetfreaks. Count your blessings as a rich rich harvest . Getting out of Life whatever you put in..... Nice Poetry too ! Kind Regards. Philip7 Oct 2010 by Philip]

14. Under the Scorching Sun!

Walls remains tinted with
Advertising leaflets
We always see
Passing through the lane
Enhancing curiosity
Craving for some things
But purse allows us not.

What we earn, goes as it comes
For arranging daal-bhat
Or sometimes for the medical cure
Ever rising prices of things
Like the mouth of Sursa
An onion more pungent than a chili
Makes our eyes flow with tears.

Our mutual efforts couldn’t save
Food and water for the coming days
We get what we produce in the fields-
One third of our total labour
Under the scorching sun
When added cost reduced the profit
We fail to recover.


The rhetoric on the stage
Hides all the misdeeds
Of the so-called greats
The bird was hungry, still hungry
Fun and frolic for those
Who know how to make money
By means fair and foul.

He Wants to Mount!
Inserts his foot this fellow
In cracked bamboo
To open his own account
Knows the humble lot well
What is his aim
Where he wants to mount?

Dynamite grows in his fields
Arms to put up for sale
Hounds the humble folk
In the garb of a well-wisher
His great attachment is with profit
He earns from them.


All the bans are for those
Who did not follow him
Trounced before the world
To let them know their worth
He does what he does
What exactly pleases his mind.


A vanguard having power and pelf
Junk in human bonds
Known as a big gangster
Yet, applause comes to him
Showering prizes on his lap
So ta- ta-thaia he sings!


[Comments: 1. Marie Shine is right to a certain extent,the wheels of technology and revolutions must take their slow and ever ebbing turns,before change for the better actually happens. Yes Man has a selfish center that is masquerading behind a false chocolate's covering that By free Men and Women,who with time will erode away the false facade of decadence and true unsweetened. Great poem! Welcome to PF! God bless Us all-MJG.30 Apr 2010 by Michael J. Gale]

15. Heed! Dear, Heed!

Heed! Dear, heed!
The bell is ringing
The bird is singing
There, smiling the sun.


Come and see
The lovely scene
The sonorous sound
And joy around!


Tell me dear-
Do you have time
To stop, to watch
To listen to it?


Do you have time
To know, to think
What life is
How to lead it?


The bird sings so
The sun says so
The bell rings so
In their own ways!

[Comments: 1. The message within the body of your poem is clear but its exterior is muddied by poor grammar. One example among many is your use of “seen” instead of “scene”29 Apr 2010 by albeej; 2. you have a clear and pure message...29 Apr 2010 by Ivan Donn Carswell]


16. A Paper

Sometimes rises
Falls now and then
Twists and strives
To fly again
From birth to end
A paper-it is simply known.


Sometimes brims its eyes
With hunger-pain
Speaks out its mind
Before the insensitive clan
Frets and fumes
A paper-it is simply known.


When entrapped,
Dances like a spindle
In broken pieces of mirror
Sees its capsized faces
At intervals, overtaken by events
A paper-it is simply known.


Sometimes burns like coal
Like ashes weeps
When mingled with soil
It ever sleeps
Gets hoed with ploughing
A paper-it is simply known.

[Comments: 1. You employ "A Paper" as a paradigm for well as a socratic message....Fine Work.....FjR27 Apr 2010 by Frank James Ryan, Jr. / FjR; 2. nice poem28 Apr 2010 by Jochebed Dela Cruz; 3. A spiritual dance with pathos and valor.29 Apr 2010 by Chandra Prakash Sharma; 4. very nice and interesting comparison. pl see some of my poems too.29 Apr 2010 by Seema Chowdhury; 5. I loved this poem Abnish.well expressed.This is a spiritual write..True..this is a fabulous poem..Great write..Thanks for sharing.30 Apr 2010 by Dulakshi Wakista; 6. wonderful poem...well expressed!20 May 2010 by Anu a; 7. Lovely description of the up's and downs of life's journey. A wise write.8 Oct 2010 by Bob Blackwell; 6. It makes life so fragile and a piece of paper goes thru our ups and downs good use of the metaphor...regards26 Oct 2011 by Ken e Hall]


17. Peace Comes ...

Desire all of us
To live in peace
Having peace of mind
And peace around.


Peace comes not through
The barrel of a gun
Strategies made
Or slogans of race.


Peace is peace
It garlands him
Who loves it
And always adores.


Peace comes and stays
Where life is easy
Love and care
No smoke in air.

[Comment: 1. yes, we try and change the externals but it is love within each one of us that transforms the world27 Apr 2010 by Raj Arumugam]


18. Small Poems


A flower smiles
raising the cheeks high
happy eyes.
Little white flowers
of a mango tree spread
mild sweet aroma.
A river moves forward
touching feet of banks
in her path of duty.

A thunderstorm

sends a shiver down
the thatched homes.


19. Vijantah


O Lord Krishna!
On Holi
I wish to see
your colourful leelas
in Golok Vrindavan
with Radharani and other friends.

I traverse to your Shri-dham
with full faith and hope
and there only darshan
thronged with pujaris,
pandas and other agents
playing Holi with the devotees
in the compound.

They say—
YOU also live within
I search you there too
day and night
and only see
the endless darkness,
no hue.

O help me, my FRIEND!
to become vijantah—
one who knows YOU
and one's unique colours of soul.


Prof. (Dr) Abnish Singh Chauhan (1979) is a bilingual poet, critic, translator and editor (Hindi and English). His significant books include Swami Vivekananda: Select Speeches, Speeches of Swami Vivekananda and Subhash Chandra Bose: A Comparative Study, King Lear : A Critical Study, Functional Skills in Language and Literature, Functional English, Writing Skills and The Fictional World of Arun Joshi: Paradigm Shift in Values. His deep interest in translation prompted him to translate thirty poems of B S Gautam Anurag under the title Burns Within from Hindi into English and some poems of Paddy Martin from English into Hindi. He had been invited as Speaker to Ahmedabad International Literature Festival 2016. Besides Harivansh Rai Bachchan Yuva Geetkar Samman (2013) for his Hindi poetry collection Tukada Kagaz Ka from Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan, Lucknow, U.P., he is the recipient of Pratham Kavita Samman (2011) from Kavita Kosh (, Book of the Year Award (2012) from the Think Club, Michigan, USA, Srajnatmak Sahitya Puraskar (2013) from Rajasthan Patrika, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Navankur Puraskar (2014) from Abhivyakti Vishwam, Sharjah, UAE, etc. He edits International Journal of Higher Education and Research, Creation and Criticism and a Hindi magazine Poorvabhas. He can be contacted at



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