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B S G Anurag's BURNS WITHIN - Abnish Singh Chauhan

First Published in November 2015
Sanjeev Prakashan
(3613) 3601-3615, Private Number- 20
Shyam Bhavan, Daryaganj, Delhi-110002 (India)
Mob : 09810872827
ISBN 978-81-88-462-77-3
Price : Rs. 200/- (Hardcover)
Copyright © 2015 Abnish Singh Chauhan
Dristibuted by Poorvabhas Prakashan
Printed in India at R. K. Offset, New Shahdara


About the Book:

Burns Within is a collection of 30 poems translated by Dr. Abnish Singh Chauhan from B.S. Gautam Anurag’s Hindi poetry collection Sanson Ki Samadhi. While journeying through the various stages of life, the poet persona in Anurag sees, meets, and observes the people and things, becomes shocked at the naked dance of crime, hunger, and pain everywhere, cries within at man’s loss of faith in patience, trust and truth, and feels burns within when he finds human life that has become superficial, shallow, delusive and hollow. He wonders why the fountains of love and affection are dried, why explosives and guns are grown in the fields, why gods born of religious narrowness are transplanted everywhere, and why Indian culture—divine in nature is locked in the prison of devils.

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