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AILF2016:Session 3 - Looking For Literature

Dear All Esteemed Authors

We have designed a very generic session for the benefit audiences to make them understand that the literature not only reading and writing of books , it can be anything spoken and / or performed meaningfull. This session  is basically  meant to elaborate all forms of literature prevailing from ancient times,however to keep it streamlined and focussed, we have created a small synopsis along with the structured questions. Request you to have a look and inform us if some thing more can be done.
Here it is ...

12.15 to 1 pm Saturday 12th Nov. Session 3: Looking For Literature: Is it in words around us?   ( Raghuveer Chaudhari, Sandeep Nath, Abnish Singh Chauhan, Usha Narayanan Moderated by Nigam Dave)     

Brief Synopsis :Generally anything spoken, performed or written to convey a meaningful message with a lasting impression, which can also express the culture, tradition and attitude of that time, is considered ‘literature’. In ancient times, literature was carried forward to the next generation through word of mouth communications and we can find those spoken words around us even today in the form of sayings, proverbs and performances and folklore. Today, literature is available in the most prolific way in myriad forms.

 Moderator’s Line of Discussion: Nigam Dave

a)                  In olden times, when technology was not there, did literature pass on to next generations as effectively as it does today?

b)                  Which form of literature creates a lasting impression in the audiences’ mind?bnish 

c)                  Is today’s literature, published and expressed extensively either electronically or on social media platforms like  twitter , whatsapp, and facebook,                     detrimental to the originality and purity of literature.

d)                 Can jingles, messages, song lines available in plenty be considered as serious literature?  


We would love to have your suggestions and guidance to make it even better, please call or write to us if need be.

Thanks and Regards

Umashanker Yadav

Festival Director

 Ahmedabad International Literature Festival

( An Ikon Education Foundation Initiative )


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