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Seminar on Crown on the Hill: Steps to Success



Moradabad: Departmental Seminar on 'Crown on the Hill: Steps to Success', especially focussing on Dr Sudhir K Arora's 'Cultural and Philosophical Reflections in Indian Poetry in English (5 volumes) and book release of 'Literary Nectar for Competitive Examinations' was organized at MHPG College, Moradabad on Jan 20, 2017, where English Professors Dr Satish Kumar, Dr Sushma Sharma, Dr R C Shukla, Dr Madhubala Saxena, Dr Abnish Singh Chauhan along with Mr Kavya Saurabh Rastogi, Dr Vishesh Gupta, Dr Meena Kaul, Dr Narendra Kumar, Dr Ravish Kumar, Dr Priyanka Gupta, Dr Mukesh Gupta, Dr Kamini, Dr Shubra among others made a critical assessment of these books and congrulated Dr Arora for his marvellous contribution to English language and literature.



Dr Abnish Singh Chauhan, Dr R C Shukla, Dr Satish Kumar, Dr Sushma Sharma,

Dr Sudhir K Arora, Dr Madhubala Saxena, Dr Shubra, Dr Kamini


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