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Publication Impact Factor (PIF) - reg.

Dear Editor/Publishers

Greetings from I2OR!

We are pleased to inform you that your Journal is indexed in the International Institute of Organized Research (I2OR) database. This is to be intimated you that International Institute of Organized Research (I2OR) provides a much desired platform for Researchers, Editors, Publishers and Conference Organizers through its exclusive services viz. Indexing of Research Journals, Listing of National/International Conferences and Quality Research serial publications. I2OR also evaluates Publication Impact Factor (PIF) to set a bench mark for the quality of Serial publications around the world. 4700+ Journals has already been indexed in I2OR and many have been awarded PIF successfully.

You can visit the following link to search your Journal Indexed with I2OR.
Serial Number: 4716

You can use I2OR LOGO on your website (Download Attachment).

In reference to the above, our evaluation team has evaluated your journal again and calculated a possible range of PIF your Journal can score for 2015 as per details given below.

JOURNAL: International Journal of Higher Education and Research

PIF RANGE EVALUATED: 2.420 to 2.740

If you want your Journal to be Indexed and get PIF for 2015 with the range specified above, you can make an official request so that the requisite details to pursue the same may be communicated to you to receive the I2OR Certification for PIF-2015 with the exact value of PIF which will be published on our site at the following link.

Looking forward to promote your Quality research publication through our network of researchers.

Acquisition Editor


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