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Thursday, 9. November 2017 - 12:10 Uhr

A Signature Workshop by GOPTA



Honoured to have been invited to a signature workshop on 'How To Add 50000 Productive Hours To Your Life' organized by GOPTA at India International Center, New Delhi on Aug 20, 2017. The workshop was highly successful and profoundly memorable due to the captivating and motivational discourses of my dear friend Mr Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, the rising star of modern India. Thankful to Sanjay Ji, dear Prakhar, energetic Lalima and benign Sanjay Sharan Sir (IRS) for their wonderful company. - Abnish Singh Chauhan




Thanks, Abnish Sir. It was my pleasure and privilege to have your gracious presence in my workshop. All of the participants benefitted from your thoughts and lively stories from your vast reservoir of experience and learning. Hope to see you again, sir, in my next workshop titled, 'Success Unlimited- Unlock Your True Potential' at India International Center, New Delhi on Nov 19, 2017.


- Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, Chairman & CEO, GOPTA Success Pvt. Ltd.


Dear Dr Chauhan, congratulations for remarkable invitations from VIPs for active and contributive participation in excellent programs. There are a few persons like you who are invited for chairing university, state, national and international level conferences, workshops and seminars. Keep it up.


- Dr P M Gaur, Professor & Head, Department of Hindi, SRMU, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat​


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Thursday, 26. October 2017 - 16:21 Uhr

Literary NECTAR for Competitive Examinations in English by Sudhir K Arora

Sudhir K Arora. Literary NECTAR for Competitive Examinations in English. Bareilly: Prakash Book Depot, 2017. Pp. 346. Price: Rs. 298/-. ISBN: 978-81-7977-616-2.


Reviewed by Abnish Singh Chauhan
Dr Sudhir K Arora, an eminent critic and writer, is a popular figure in Indian Writing in English. His latest book titled 'Literary NECTAR for Competitive Examinations in English' (An Acquaintance with Major Works of Major Authors) is methodologically designed for PGT, TGT, NET and similar Examinations conducted in India. But, this is not the limit of the book and, therefore, it works beyond the limit of aforesaid competitions as the author himself remarks in his preface— “Competition is competition— competition with your own self to make yourself better day by day, and competition with others to prove yourself better in the competitive field for making your claim for success.”
One may think. Competition is nowhere if one believes in the philosophy of love and learning; competition is everywhere if one wants to strive for a goal which cannot be shared. In both the cases, some authentic source of information along with productive interpretation of the material is necessarily required for developing proper understanding of the subject. Knowing this, the author has produced a consistent and reliable book— 'Literary NECTAR' worth passing along to the lovers of English literature with the specific aim to make a difference in this competitive world.
The book is a magnificent gem that brings to light a complete study (in brief) of life and works of popular authors and critics of English literature, such as— William Shakespeare, John Milton, William Wordsworth, John Keats, P B Shelley, Matthew Arnold, Alfred Lord Tennyson, T S Eliot, Robert Lee Frost, Walt Whitman, John Milton, Charles Lamb, Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy, Ernest Miller Hemingway, William Faulkner, John Galsworthy, Kamala Das, Mulk Raj Anand, Nissim Ezekiel, etc. It also introduces noteworthy popular quotes of these authors along with critical insights on their life and works as penned by distinguished critics of the literary field. The book also realistically and cautiously covers pen names of English authors, history of English literature (A screenshot of ages), periods of English literature, authors in history of English literature (ages/century/period wise), events (important years at a glance), popular authors and their works (with years), popular commonwealth writers, popular post-colonial writers, some British dramatists (1955 onwards), popular British dramatists and their dramas (1945-1990), some British poets (1955 onwards), some Irish poets, some Scottish poets, popular contemporary poets, popular English poets (1945-1990), some popular post-war novelists, popular contemporary novelists, popular contemporary British novelists (since 1980), popular British novels of twenty first century, popular recent novels, novelists from other literatures (around 1990) along with literary awards and winners of Nobel Prize, the Booker Prize, the Sahitya Akademi Prize, Poet Laureate, the Pulitzer Prize, etc.
The book 'Literary NECTAR', written in Historical Present, is a result of author’s close observations of literary world, useful communications with eminent scholars and extensive readings of significant books of English literature. It is intended for several groups— not only for students, research scholars, teachers, professors and other lovers of literature, but also for those who read merely for getting systematic information for self-learning and self-fulfillment through English literature.

ascAbout the Reviewer:
Dr Abnish Singh Chauhan (1979) is a bilingual poet, critic, translator and editor (Hindi and English). His significant books include Swami Vivekananda: Select Speeches, Speeches of Swami Vivekananda and Subhash Chandra Bose: A Comparative Study, King Lear: A Critical Study, Functional Skills in Language and Literature, Functional English, The Fictional World of Arun Joshi: Paradigm Shift in Values and Tukda Kagaz Ka (Hindi Lyrics). His deep interest in translation prompted him to translate thirty poems of B S Gautam Anurag under the title Burns Within from Hindi into English and some poems of Paddy Martin from English into Hindi. He can be contacted at

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Tuesday, 17. October 2017 - 13:22 Uhr

Deepawali - Abnish Singh Chauhan

Let the Light spread in our hearts on this Deepawali!
Let our deeds shine with the glow of the Lamp!
Let all our desires behind those deeds burn in the Flame!
Let the Lotus grow in our hearts, after burning, to experience His Desire!
Let the Fragrance of his Desire flow in and around us on Deepawali!

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Friday, 13. October 2017 - 13:42 Uhr

अवनीश के गीतों में ताज़गी है - सुधांशु जी महाराज

विश्व जागृति मिशन : आनंद धाम, दिल्ली में अन्तरराष्ट्रीय गणेश-महालक्ष्मी महायज्ञ के अवसर पर परम पूज्य आचार्य श्री सुधांशु जी महाराज से मिलने का सौभाग्य पिछले शुक्रवार (अक्टूबर 06, 2017) को मिला। अवसर था श्रद्धेय देवेंद्र देव जी का गीत-संग्रह 'आवाज दे रहा महाकाल' का लोकार्पण।

लोकार्पण के पश्चात उदारमना, युग ऋषि सुधांशु जी महाराज से पुनः उनके आश्रम के एक कक्ष में मुलाकात हुई, तो इच्छा जगी कि उन्हें अपना गीत संग्रह # टुकड़ा काग़ज़ का # (बोधि प्रकाशन, जयपुर) भैंट कर दूं। भैंट किया। उन्होंने मेरे गीत संग्रह को सहर्ष स्वीकार किया और मुझे अपना आशीर्वाद दिया। कहा कि आपके गीतों में ताज़गी है, भाषा में प्रवाह है, शब्दों में नवीनता है, बिम्ब आकर्षक हैं। उन्होंने मेरे एक गीत 'बच्चा सीख रहा टीवी से/ अच्छे होते हैं ये दाग़' की कुछ पंक्तियां- "टॉफी, बिस्कुट, पर्क, बबलगम/खिला-खिला कर मारी भूख/माँ भी समझ नहीं पाती है/कहाँ हो रही भारी चूक। माँ का नेह/मनाए हठ को/लिए कौर में रोटी-साग/अच्छे होते हैं ये दाग़।" भी पढ़कर सुनायी। और कहा कि वह इस नये प्रयोगों से लैस गीत संग्रह को अपने साथ ले जा रहे हैं। आराम से पढ़ने के लिए। यह सब देख-सुन मैं गदगद हो गया।

कक्ष में उपस्थित आदरणीय आचार्य देवेन्द्र देव जी, कविवर क्रान्त एम एल वर्मा जी, अग्रज कवि शम्भू ठाकुर जी, भाई अमर सोनी जी और उदितेन्दु 'निश्चल' जी की उपस्थिति ने बल दिया। इस आत्मीय प्रक्रिया में श्रद्देय श्री राम महेश मिश्र जी, निदेशक- कार्यक्रम एवं विकास, का ह्रदय से आभार।

- अवनीश सिंह चौहान

A Comment on Tukda Kagaz Ka by Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj

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Monday, 9. October 2017 - 11:40 Uhr

Anchor @ International Conference and Global Peace Award 2017

2-1Dr Abnish Singh Chauhan was invited as ANCHOR to two-day International Conference on 'Reflections of Buddhism in Southeast Culture and Its Revival & IBEI-YAC Global Peace Award 2017' organized under the banner of International Buddha Education Institute (IBEI) and Youth Action Committee (YAC) of Uttarakhand at Hotel Gautami Heights, Kashipur, Uttarakhand, on Friday, October 29, 2017, where hundreds of Buddhist monks, devotees, intellectuals, social activists, artists, poets, professors, politicians, students and parents from 17 countries of the world (USA, UK, Japan, China, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, etc) participated with full attention and enthusiasm. 

Some photographs with Dr K K Paul, honorable Governor of Uttarakhand, Lord Ashvaghosh Mahathera, Chairman of International Buddha Education Institute & Member of Minority Commission, Govt of Uttarakhand, Venerable Gyanratna Mahathera, Bangladesh, Mr H P Kain, retd Chief Income Tax Commissioner & Vice Chairman (IBEI), Ven. G D Damdul, Director, Tibet House of His Holiness the DALAI LAMA, Mr Ruhela ji, Vice President, State BJP Committee, Baba Sanjeev Akankshi, Abhinav Chauhan, A H OtaniChandan Ingole and some other dignitaries of the world are given here.

He was also conferred with an IBEI award by Lord Ashvaghosh Mahathera Ji and other dignitaries on the stage during the Global Peace Award ceremony.


press-release-from-governor-hoPrees Release from Rajbhawan, Uttarakhand

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