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A Signature Workshop by GOPTA



Honoured to have been invited to a signature workshop on 'How To Add 50000 Productive Hours To Your Life' organized by GOPTA at India International Center, New Delhi on Aug 20, 2017. The workshop was highly successful and profoundly memorable due to the captivating and motivational discourses of my dear friend Mr Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, the rising star of modern India. Thankful to Sanjay Ji, dear Prakhar, energetic Lalima and benign Sanjay Sharan Sir (IRS) for their wonderful company. - Abnish Singh Chauhan




Thanks, Abnish Sir. It was my pleasure and privilege to have your gracious presence in my workshop. All of the participants benefitted from your thoughts and lively stories from your vast reservoir of experience and learning. Hope to see you again, sir, in my next workshop titled, 'Success Unlimited- Unlock Your True Potential' at India International Center, New Delhi on Nov 19, 2017.


- Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, Chairman & CEO, GOPTA Success Pvt. Ltd.


Dear Dr Chauhan, congratulations for remarkable invitations from VIPs for active and contributive participation in excellent programs. There are a few persons like you who are invited for chairing university, state, national and international level conferences, workshops and seminars. Keep it up.


- Dr P M Gaur, Professor & Head, Department of Hindi, SRMU, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat​


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